Windows 10 was not working. Here were my issues:

  • Persistent crashing and bluescreens when using YouTube
  • Chrome crashed a lot
  • My array of editors, git clients and other development tools were crashing like crazy.

That’s the short list. Oh and did I mention, I like my privacy.

So yesterday the UK votedĀ  to leave the European Union. This is going to be a breakdown of the vote by constituency and also why I think the UK has f**ked itself over (do excuse the term).

So how does it work and why?

For those who do not know, the UK is broken up into 650 “Parliamentary Constituencys”. Basically, back in the days of yore, they took a map, did some maths and drew some lines. These constituencys are how the country votes in elections; a quick overview can be seen here (it refers to the 2015 general election).

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Ubuntu is a brilliant operating system. It is extremely powerful, flexible and most importantly for me at school, power efficient. I am running a Dell Laitude E6410 with a Core i5 Ironlake Mobile CPU and it is a power hungry beast. I paired it with 6gb of RAM I had laying around in my RAM draw. Ignore the disk; it is that small because I need to re-install this laptop. Continue reading

For many many many years now, I have used Windows. In fact, for nearly all my life. The first PC I touched was a Windows 95 beige machine. That was soon ditched for an XP E-Machine that lasted until 2008. We got an Acer Aspire X3200 with Windows Vista. This was handed over to me when we got a new laptop in 2010. This mostly sat broken until 2012, when the Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released and I ran that for around a year, before upgrading to 8. I then built my first PC. An FX 4200 machine, that ran until 2014 when I built my current system – the Athlon 860k rig with 8gb of RAM and an R7 260x GPU. This now runs Windows 10, a monumental mistake I cannot rectify due to Microsoft being useless.

Windows 10 has been too unstable. It will randomly bluescreen when running YouTube and various other simple programs, but is fine under load (strange). I had been running Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop for around 3-4 weeks and was impressed by it’s stability. So I installed it, after checking I didn’t need fxgfx or whatever the propreatory driver is. I do nothing graphically intensive on this system anyway.

After installing Spotify, Chrome and a few other apps, this PC is great. No crashes, no hassle. Just turn on and boom! At the desktop in 20s, good considering I have about 80 billion hard drives to spin up. Windows 10 still exists, but for gaming and video stuff only. Otherwise Ubuntu is great. If you have the room and are ok with installing something that is not Windows on your computer, go ahead, install Ubuntu. You will probably love it.


My Ubuntu Desktop. This is a light session, so not much is open.

I am currently working on an app. Woah! I know right? Edgy af or whatever the cool kids say (I don’t care, I’m in it because).

However, when working on it, I thought of a video by Tom Scott and Matt Grey on their app, Emojli. It’s a lot of work! So here is the video, sit back, grab a cup of tea or a beer if that’s more your thing and enjoy!