The English GCSE Exams

Tomorrow is results day for those GCSE students in the UK. I am one of them. These are my opinions on the GCSE system in England.

WARNING: This article is slightly colorful. Sorry.

There are some exams where I seriously wondered how they can be called a GCSE; the main one is the Computer Science exam. This was possibly the worst exam I have ever seen shoved in front of my face. Ignoring the fact it was easy for me, there were some serious concerns with the relevance of it. Part of our curriculum was to look at the IO of a motherboard and the various components, busses etc. to a computer. I would like to point out now that we are in the year 2016. In class, we were taught about IDE and AGP slots. Hello, this is 2016. The STANDARD now is SATA for disks and PCI-Express for high speed internal interconnects, not only for GPUs, but for other components too like SSDs. IDE and AGP are outdated, they were by 2005 or so, so why am I still being told that this stuff is relevant? And rear IO? Hahahahaha that was a joke. Printer\parallel ports were called “up to date” and serial was taught like it was an important connector. Hey. That died when USB came along an kicked its ass with faster speeds. Stupid.

The English exam also pisses me off. All about creative writing and emotions and shit. Hey hey hey, what about informative writing (there was a bit of this, but not much). I am abysmal at creative writing, yet I can write an entire article about the Dell Latitude E6410 (review anyone?). Seriously, it’s a bit shit. I write manuals  and EULAs, not stories about Megumi and  Tomoya going on a date (anime reference, Google it). Seriously, fuck off. I don’t write that stuff, fiction writers do.

However, I think that the History and Economics exams were perfect. They were interesting, challenging and covered what we needed to know and it was up to date (Econ had data from the previous year in it for gods sake!)

That’s a short thing on my views on the GCSE exams.

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